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Revolutionizing global Home textile market

Nile Linen Group is one of the fastest-growing global conglomerates in Egypt with business in home textile products, a fully integrated manufacturer and exporter of bed linen, table linen, and kitchen towels.


Our Facilities

Our facilities are fully integrated between weaving, finishing, and confection.

in both air-jet and rapier technology. total of 550 looms producing app 50 million meter/ year. jacquard weaving, dobby weaving, plain weaving

equipped with the latest technology for each of our processes. all with continuous processing. singing, bleaching, yarn dyeing, mercerizing, fabric dyeing, finishing

fully automated factory with texpa machines “ 25 machines in total “ Manuel hemming factory with embroidery division.

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Let's Have A Look At What Creativity Is!


About Interior

Strategy - Led Interior Design

We work to ensure people’s comfort at their home, and to provide the best and the fastest help at fair prices. We stand for quality, safety and cred

Modern living quarter

Iterative approaches to the corporate strategy foster collaborative

Interior Inter Art Design

We develop the full cycle of project documentation and full details.
99.9% Customer Satisfaction  based on 750+ reviews and 20,000 Objective Resource


We are Largest Exporter of Home Textile

As one of the globally leading textile companies in Egypt for 25+ years, we are driven by our differentiation strategy based on Innovation, Branding & Sustainability.
Best quality raw material due to our “in house” Egyptian cotton yarn
Developing top trend design through our creative department
Latest technology machineries in our fully integrated operations
Free Zone presence


Our Products

Nile Linen Group is a fully integrated manufacturer and exporter of bed linen, table linen, and kitchen towels.


Nile Linen Group is specialized in high-end finishing products with a high variety of unique designs, colors, and customization for both hospitality and private label businesses. Plain, jacquard, embroidery, and print products from 140 t.c. up to 1.000 t.c. in certified Egyptian cotton, non-egyptian cotton, and mixed solution.


High-end finishing product with a high variety of color options and designs.Plain and embroidery products go from 300gr up to 600gr in certified Egyptian cotton, non-Egyptian cotton, and the mixed solution

Table Linen

With our jacquard and dobby designs we are always focusing on market needs and proactive with trend changes. Two ply yarns, combed and carded options, mercerized, yarn dyed.